Privacy, Terms and Conditions

Welcome! Before you continue, take a moment to go through our terms and conditions.

We value your privacy just as much as you do. Be assured that any personal info you share with us on this website, like your email address, won’t be sold or rented to anyone else without your clear permission.

If you share personal or contact details with us to get updates or newsletters, we may keep that info safe and sound.

Sometimes, we team up with others to send you helpful stuff like newsletters or updates. If you want these, we might share your contact info with them. But don’t worry, they’ll only use it to give you what you asked for.

We don’t snatch your email just because you visit our site. While we keep an eye on the number of visitors and what pages they check out, it’s all anonymous. No personal info is involved.

By using this site, you agree to how we collect and use personal info, as explained here. If anything changes in this privacy stuff, we’ll let you know right here. So, you’ll always be in the loop about what info we gather and how we use it.

Site Accuracy:

We strive to make sure all the info on our site is right, but we can’t guarantee it’s always accurate, complete, or up-to-date. Rank Ranchers isn’t responsible for any loss or damage caused by relying on the info on our site.

Privacy Respect:

Your personal info, like your name and email, is safe with us. We won’t share, sell, or rent it to anyone outside of Rank Ranchers.

Credit Card Details:

We don’t keep your credit card info. When you buy something on our site, your details go straight to Merchant services for secure processing.

External Sites:

Our site has links to other sites, but we’re not in charge of their content. Before sharing any personal info, check out their privacy policy.


We use “cookies” to make your experience better, but they don’t have personal info. We might use cookies from other providers like Facebook or TikTok.


We offer month-to-month services and might change them to improve. If your package changes, but you want the old services, we’ll stick to the agreement. If you prepay for 6 months, it continues monthly after, or you can prepay again for a discount.

Image Use in Blog Posts and Social Media:

We use images from places like Canva and Unsplash to enhance our content.


Ownership and Usage: Images belong to their creators, and you can use them for your blog and social media.

Terms of Use: Follow the rules set by the platform and creator, including giving credit when needed.

Limitations: Don’t sell or use images for commercial purposes without permission.

Consequences of Violation: Breaking the rules could lead to legal trouble. We’re not responsible for misuse, so be careful.

Note: This is just a general overview; for specific legal concerns, consult with your legal counsel. This isn’t legal advice, and we’re not responsible for errors.

Referral Credits

You get one referral credit for each website you refer.

Internet Use Risks

While we try to keep your info safe, we can’t guarantee the security of what you send us. It’s your job to keep your passwords and account info safe. Other sites we link to have their own rules, and we’re not responsible for them. If you have questions about their rules, ask them.


You can cancel anytime by logging into your account If you can’t log in, email us at to cancel. Make sure you get a confirmation email from us. If you cancel less than 2 business days before renewal, no refund for the cancellation will be given.


Once we refund, services end, and we can’t help in the future. We don’t give refunds. If you cancel right after paying, we finish up that month’s work and send a final report.

Terms of Agreement

This agreement is between Rank Ranchers and the client. Read it all before agreeing.

Client Acknowledgements

You’re responsible for what you give us for SEO. We’re not responsible for third-party rules, and we can’t promise specific rankings. SEO takes time, and listings might drop. We have the final say on design strategies.

Entire Agreement

This agreement covers everything and replaces any earlier deals. Changes need to be in writing and signed by both parties.

Governing Law

This agreement follows the laws of the United Kingdom.


You promise what you give us for SEO is legal. You’ll cover us for any issues related to your website or our services.


No forgiveness for one mistake means no forgiveness for future mistakes.

Independent Contractor

We’re independent contractors, not employees or partners.


This agreement is the full deal, and it follows UK laws. Any disputes go to UK courts. Any issues sorted by arbitration follow the rules of the Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Service, Inc. If a part of this agreement is invalid, the rest still counts. The winning side gets costs and attorney fees.

Assignability; Agreement Binding on Successors

You can’t change this agreement without our approval. It sticks with you, your heirs, successors, and assigns.

Both parties agree to this on the date written above.